January 27, 2014 | by FAME Magazine
A Successful Career Is Always In Style

imageEvery fashion student dreams of having the ONE big moment that will redefine and change their entire lives. There’s that one wish for a job that will give them the Sex and the City Cosmopolitan lifestyle. Often time, students do not know where to look and waste hours upon hours on Google searching aimlessly for their dream job. I use to be one of those students before one of my college professors introduced me to a website called “” This site  is the largest, fashion-only job listing website on the Internet. Unlike the other, fashion-only job boards, is not affiliated with a recruiting agency and does not collect placement fees or provide temporary employment services. With no reason to cherry-pick the best candidates for it’s own use; facilitates honest communication between fashion industry employers and job seekers.

stylecareersAlso unlike most fashion-only job boards gives you an idea of the possibilities you have by listing brands from David Yuan to Calvin Klein. The website even hosts a career fair for fashion industry professionals at the California Market Center in downtown LA, on March 27th. All career recruiters will be on the search for fashion industry professionals with a background in apparel, accessories, footwear, graphics, textiles and corporate retail. states ” This is the only fashion-specific career fair of the season. If you are in the market for a job, don’t miss this one-day-only event!” There will also be a career fair for fashion industry professionals in NYC at Penn Plaza Pavilion, April 2014. So while drinking tea and reading Vogue dazzle your stylistic senses with a dose of!

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